Archive | November 2010

Elevator shaft and roof

Work continues in the attic. It is getting cold outside. Last night it snowed and this is starting to make the work on the roof very difficult.

So right now we are doing inside the attic and also repairing the walls around the windows that were just inserted.

We are also working on the elevator shaft. Although there is no logistic need for       the  elevator, the shaft has a very important role in supporting the beam structure, so building it becomes critical.


Work in the attic

Work has started in the attic. Since the roof has no tiles on it we can play around with wooden structure and find the best way to unload the weight of the second level of the attic. This particular beam crosses over what will become the elevator shaft. In fact when the shaft will be build, this beam will rest on it.

New windows

Roof being changed

Work has started on the roof. In fact by now 1/2 of the entire roof has been uncovered and readied for the new tiles. new strapping is being put on.