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Insulation and others

The roof was tiled (most of it anyway). We pushed ahead with the tiling job just so we can do work inside over the cold months that are still ahead. Insulating the roof becomes critical if we want to do any more work in the attic. So here we are. As we are going ahead with this job we are building the second level of the attic.

This is how much room we have left in the second level of the attic. Just enough room to have a  quaint nook and cranny for the hotel.


Front roof

The good weather we’ve experienced so far fooled us big time. We were reluctant to start with the front roof fearing more snow. When we heard it may come, we thought we can dodge it. We didn’t.

This is two days ago:

This is from yesterday:


The floor joist for the second floor are going in. We have just enough room under them to run our pipes and wiring. To the right 4 of our guys can be seen taking the chimneys down. Each chimney has a 250 lbs stone on top to center it so taking it down (in one piece) is not a piece of cake. The job is dangerous and requires more brains than muscles. Scaffolding surrounds the chimney until it overpasses it so the stone can be moved and handles from above.

Same operation in the picture from the left, from a different perspective.