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The patio is shaping up. Today we had our landscapers show up and splash some green on the stone planters. The decking is still an issue as we are now persuaded to use stone as oppose to wood. 

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We are now working on finishing up the reception area and what we call the second lobby area, up the stairs from the reception.

The opening for the reception has been made

Our artist on duty came up with some ideas so here are some of them…These are for the second lobby area.

Back to writing

It’s about time…It has been a while since i wrote and the main reason for not updating this sooner was time. the lack of really.

Many things have changed since the last time we talked.We are now heading towards finishing up the rooms and we are actually working on the restaurant as I am typing these words.

Here are some samples….

Below you can see some shots of the outdoor patio. First one is a planter.

Some inside shots as well…

This is the guys bathroom for the conference room. Not completed though.

One of the baths for the room. We were running short on a certain mosaic color so we decided to replace it with glass…I think it looks sharp. So on the walls and on the bathtub you can see the blue glass applied on. Floor is mosaic.

Work on the crown molding is nearing completion. Here is a sample.

And work on the restaurant has started as I was saying before. They are putting up the posts for the mezzanine level.

Well i know it has been short but rest assure, there will be plenty more pics and posts to follow.

PS to Wilmer: Just keep it coming 🙂