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More on the restaurant

More work is being done here as well. It is well underway. The fine wines and best meals to be served soon….:)

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More work

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I will be less interested on the outlook of the page and just post some more of the pictures from the hotel.

I find playing with the layout rather difficult. Pics always sliding up and down and sideways while text is being updated.

So here we go. First the cover over the balcony.

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We have also started to work on the restaurant.

The entire furniture came packed up and it took the workers 2 weeks to mount on the walls. They are now almost done.

Here are some pics.

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I have been asked to continue posting pics online. I really wished i found the discipline and the time to do so.I finally found some time. So, here i am posting some more of them.

By now the back yard is completed. What will be the parking for the hotel is now paved and covered with a protective sand layer.

We also worked on the reception area. So far we managed to get the glass door up.