Towards the end

Hi all

I am planning to stop posting info regarding the hotel on this website. We have already switched on the official hotel site ( and although we are still tweaking in it and adding various functions to it, it will be up and running over this weekend. You will find pics with our rooms, food and staff, you will find ideas of how to spend some time around in and around Sighisoara, special events we plan, etc. You will be able to follow us on Face Book and Tweeter as well. So…fair well….Before closing this blog i will post some of our before and after pics. Just so we can all remember how things once were.


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And another thing. Soon we will make live as well. There you can follow our construction and restoration projects.

Don’t forget !

Check us out at ! We will be glad to have you as our guest.

See you soon.


About terracapitalsighisoara

Country Manager for TERRA CAPITAL Sighisoara, a Real Estate business in Romania

3 responses to “Towards the end”

  1. - says :

    O locatie burgheza pentru un weekend in Transilvania.
    Va dorim succes si sa va pastrati pasiunea in tot ceea ce faceti!

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