TERRA CAPITAL alongside GEOTRANS, two companies from the beautiful (gosh,we’re so modest ) town of Sighisoara, Transilvania, Romania, decided to embark on a very ambitious project: restoring a 1890’s neoclassical style building in the heart of the city.

We are trying to keep those who are interested, up to date with the progress of the work. And just to clarify things, we want to finish the work in June 20111. We’re also ambitious. 🙂


3 responses to “About”

  1. Jason and Alexa says :

    Awesome, Sighisoara is beautiful. The old town area has some really amazing buildings, and we noticed many of them need some maintenance as we walked around when we visited. It is nice to see this type of restoration work to maintain the historic feel of the center.

    • terracapitalsighisoara says :

      I do apologize for the very late reply. i do realize now that not replying to your comments was rather rude.
      Thanks for the kind words. As you may have noticed we are going ahead with the work. it has taken us longer due to some objective reasons but we are on course to open the hotel in December.
      if you ever come back you are welcome to check us out. by than we will have the hotel site up and i can offer you as discount price for your stay.
      And yes many buildings need work in the old city but by now many of them have been restored or in the process of being restored due to a bylaw passed by the city.
      Thanks again

      btw where are you from an how did you get to visit Sighisoara ?

      • Jason and Alexa says :

        I am from the United States and spent about 3 weeks traveling in Transylvania a few years ago. We spent a week in Brasov and took the train up for the day. The city was highly recommended by our guidebook.

        I have enjoyed seeing the construction photos on your blog – good luck with the hotel.

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