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We have also started to work on the restaurant.

The entire furniture came packed up and it took the workers 2 weeks to mount on the walls. They are now almost done.

Here are some pics.

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Some recognition

Sometimes your efforts receive recognition and that is mostly rewarding. Having the customer happy is our primordial priority and sometimes this goal receives a certain amount of attention from others that makes our hard work pay off.

In 2010 we were contracted by MET to build the first ecological sewage septic in Romania.

The deadlines were tight and the margins were small. The project was challenging not only because it was something new but also because we had to come up with solutions beyond what the engineers envisioned.

The initial project had the collection point filter the grey waters and than pump it up into a near by creak. Since the entire village of Viscri is build on a hillĀ  we argued that we can rethink the entire collection site and scrap the pumping units. Mind you we had to move the collection site for that but it worked. We saved MET 20 000 EUR (cost of pumps, back up pumps, electricity, back up generator, cost of a keeper, etc) and the entire system works just using the God given gravitation.

Well to make a long story short, for this particular unit MET received national recognition . Even though us, Terra Capital was not individually named in the on the stage, we know we were important part of getting the work done.

Here are some pics from the ceremony.