Changing the pavement in front of the hotel

The pavement in front of the building was in rough shape. well rough enough to make the best looking hotel around look bad. so we changed in record time. the whole operation took one and a half day. Here is how it unfolded.

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The facade was nicely restored about 3 years ago. It was about time for a general cleaning and removing of the dirt and dust from it. We used a local contractor for the cherry picker and one of our guys with a power washer. A special detergent was applied before (much like car wash soap but plaster friendly).

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Reception area

Some more on the reception area.

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Conference Room

Working is coming to an end in the conference room. The lipstick, as Wilmer likes to call it, is being put on. Here is short preview.

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Wrought Iron Railing

It took a while to get to the railing part.

We thought it wouldnt be easy but for the wrong reasons…The original pieces were build in 1870. All i can say is this: the level of  craftmanship and quality of materials back in 187o surpasses today’s. It was a huge undertaking to try to make new panels (some of the original ones were damaged) look as good and solid as the old ones and not pass a cheap knock off the original pieces.

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More progress

As you can well imagine we are continuing with the work on the hotel. As i am writing these line, the wrought iron railing for the balcony is being mounted, the reception area tiles are being put on and the ceiling in the first lobby area is being worked on.

Intense work on what will be the office of the hotel as well. The restaurant is waiting for its final touches.

Here are some random pictures. First the ceilings…

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Some more pictures of other work happening…Some of the photos to repeat themselves. I can’t seem to be able to update a slideshow without introducing some of the older pics.



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More on the restaurant

More work is being done here as well. It is well underway. The fine wines and best meals to be served soon….:)

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